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In today’s technologically advanced world, different business outlets and companies seek more effective means and procedures for advertising their business. Like reaching out to a broader audience while still trying to keep the cost of the service minimal.

The growing trend of car wraps has been explored by many, and it imprints a professional look, on your business. The movability of the vehicles makes it a perfect means to reach out to a larger audience. By merely using vehicle signs, you can get the whole Brisbane caught up talking about your business.

It has been proven countlessly that constant visualisation of your brand with the right advertising strategy creates a strong brand image in the mind of your consumers and in no time, you’d have loads of customers rushing in, of course, this is only possible if you can get your marketing right.

To create a bolder impression for your audience, it is advised to make use of some marketing experts as well as a vehicle signage company that can transfer your ideas into an ideal print of high quality to stun your target audience with your creativity and the strength of your brand.

Entirely Makeover your Vehicle to a portable billboard

The vehicle wraps and signage are undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective means to grow your brand presence around. Practically, the car wraps transform vehicles into mobile billboards that carry your brand with it on the go.

Today, vehicle signage is a growing and useful trend in advertisement and has helped thousands of companies open up their services to more people. The best part of using this type of service is the cost. The price is fair, and virtually anyone can use this service to boost sales or create a stronger brand image.

Warner Pool Care – Vehicle Wrap
PSC Electrical – Vehicle Signs
PSC Electrical & Air Van Signage-back
Warner Pool Care – Vehicle Wrap
Electric Vehicle Expo-Oneway-Nissan Leaf-White
Electric Vehicle Expo-Oneway-Nissan Leaf
Solid Aluminium truck signage
Solid Aluminium truck signage
Custom Car Stripes
Bertram & Sons Excavator Signage
Crossfit Car Signage
The Art of Hanging Van Signage
The Art of Hanging Van Signage-Back
The Art of Hanging Van Signage-Side
Bertram & Sons Truck Signage
NVA Ute Signage
Heritage Baptist Church Van Signage-Back
Heritage Baptist Church Van Signage-Side

We all want to lay our hands on something nice, but the price always stands in-between and, if you opt for something way too cheap you could end up with a terrible car wrap and ruin your business reputation. Getem Signs offers its customers an all-encompassing service at a very optimal price.

You get the quality you want to be delivered to you without any worries whatsoever.


For any vehicle wrap the durability of the wraps is an essential factor that must be considered. You wouldn’t like to have wraps on your car that would fade off with time or exposure to trivial environmental factors, would you? Nope, I didn’t think so.

With the application of modern technology and new processes, Getem Signs has been able to develop wraps that can be branded on your vehicle to last for a very long time.

High Definition Wrap Quality

All the prints produced by Getem Signs come in high definition, and even intricate little details are imprinted. The quality of the prints serves as a standard for brand assessment on the first glance by most people that come in contact with the vehicle wrap.


Getem Signs takes time to reproduce your ideas and specifications just the way you describe them. Ideally, you’ve got no limitations… only your mind!